Available on Business

Not available on Free, Basic

Easily identify the experts for a given tag in your organization by assigning subject matter experts to them. Anyone assigned as an expert for a tag where they are answering will have a badge added at the very top of their answer, so other viewers know that this answer can be trusted more than ever.

You can also view a list of all subject matter experts for a given tag by clicking on the tag to visit its tag page and then clicking on Show all next to the number of subject matter experts at the top. If a tag doesn't yet have experts assigned, no mention of them will appear on the page.

Only team admins can assign subject matter experts. If you think you should be added as one, you will need to contact an admin and request to be added to specific tags.

As an admin, visit the relevant tag and click Manage subject matter experts at the top of the tag page. A dialog will appear allowing you to add and remove team members. Each member that gets assigned as an expert for that tag will also be subscribed to updates for that tag. By default, tag notifications will be sent daily but can be updated from email settings.

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