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For You is a personalized feed that displays in every user’s Teams instance. Instead of nesting all alerts and suggestions in the inbox, we’ve compiled actions and alerts into a running list that is specific to the user. By surfacing these recommended actions, we’ll drive more engagement and help our users keep their knowledge base up-to-date.

Screenshot of For You feature

Actions include:

  • Articles feedback

  • SME (add/remove notification)

  • User group (add/remove notification)

  • Answer to your question

  • New question you can answer

  • Bounty

  • Question with no answer

  • Accept answer

  • @ comment

  • Edits

You can choose to be alerted later via the three dots on the right corner of the notification or archive the suggestion altogether.

You can also dismiss items they want to remove from the list or keep them around in case they want to address them later - it’s a personalized running “to do” list aimed at growing the overall knowledge of a Team.

For you lets you have

A richer knowledge base. By surfacing actions that users should take, helping you create a deeper pool of shared knowledge.

Up-to-date information. Don’t let content go stale. With ‘For You’ recommendations, users will get alerts when questions need answers or other content may be out of date.

Uncover new knowledge. Users are notified when content they created needs their attention or if they might be able to answer new questions.

Streamline your knowledge sharing tasks. Access a central location with actions and steps for providing your expertise or discovering new knowledge.

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