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What is Slack v3?

Slack v3 is our latest integration application that supports Slack’s most recent platform built for integrations. Slack v3 uses Granular Bot Permissions (“GBP”), and it allows our application to support Org-Wide App Installs and includes our newest ask command and modal.

What are the new features and functionality of the integration?

Slack v3 uses the preferred integration path with Slack. As Slack’s platform has evolved over time, they’ve released different methods for integrations. Roughly speaking, we can refer to the various integrations paths in these buckets:

  • Slack v1: Notifications-only integration

  • Slack v2: Interactive integration

  • Slack v3: Notifications-only integration (GBP) or interactive integration (GSP), depending on your configuration.

An Org-Wide App is beneficial for any Slack customers using Enterprise Grids with multiple workspaces. To enable apps to coexist in workspaces but be managed at the enterprise level, Slack is introducing Org-Wide Apps. Now, apps can be installed at an organization level and be available to all, or some, of the workspaces within that organization.

It's also worth noting that now with Org-Wide App Installs, admins can enable your application for all future workspaces. This allows workspaces, when created, to come pre-installed with your application.

What’s the value of Org-Wide App Installs?

  • Easier administration: Enterprise org admins will now be able to distribute applications easily across all workspaces. This allows for our Teams integration to be used more easily across an org where it might have been limited to a single workspace in the past.

  • More adoption and usage: Pre-approved apps can be auto-installed when a workplace is created and users only have to authenticate with an app once for all workspaces that have access to the app.

What is the benefit of upgrading?

  • The new Slack app uses the latest API's and security requirements.

  • New features for the Stack Overflow Slack integration will only be coming to the newest app.

  • We will discontinue support of our older app starting May 31st, 2021, and we will require upgrades in the second half of 2021 (at that time you will no longer be able to use the Slack integration until you upgrade).

Do you lose any functionality with Slack v3?

No, no functionality will be lost but users may need to reauthorize their notifications to continue to receive them.

Are you required to upgrade to Slack v3?

We will discontinue our previous versions of the Slack integration on May 31st. For anyone that joined Stack Overflow for Teams prior to January 5th, 2021, you will be required to upgrade before this end-of-life date. Anyone who joined after January 5th is on the latest version.

How do I upgrade my older version of the Slack integration?

Customers will need to uninstall their current Slack app (called "Stack Overflow for Teams Basic & Business" ) and then follow the instructions here to install the new app. The process is simple and there are prompts within your Admin settings tab.

Need more help? Submit an issue or question through our support chat or our support portal.

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