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(Admin Only) Custom Awards allows a Team’s admin to create their own awards based on specific criteria. Different from Badges, a team member doesn’t have to accrue points to earn the award. The admin simply has to create the award, add team members who are eligible and begin awarding.

The awarded team member will receive a notification that they have received the award.

Custom Awards allow your Team to:

  • Reward engagement: Create custom awards for projects, team goals, company goals, releases, etc. to help drive engagement and encourage knowledge sharing.

  • Encourage adoption: Create a competition and leverage the custom awards to gain internal adoption of Teams and foster a positive culture around knowledge sharing.

Create a Custom Award

Under Settings, select Custom Awards from the list, and click the Add new button. Fill out the name and description for the Award, then assign an icon and add the recipients.

On the Custom Awards page, choose whether or not to feature an award on the Questions tab for everyone to see.

Awards will also be featured on a user's Profile page.

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