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From the Applications page in Okta, click Add Application. That will take you to the Application Directory, from which you can search for Stack Overflow for Teams.

Click Add to begin setting things up.

Click Done once you give the application a name (we recommend sticking to the default Stack Overflow for Teams).

On the Application page, click the Sign On tab, then the View Setup Instructions button.

That will take you to an Okta help page that includes the credentials you'll need to complete setting up Single Sign-On on Stack Overflow for Teams.

Automate the renewal of certificates

Once you have set up SSO according to the above instructions, you can set up the Identity Provider Metadata URL to automate the renewal of the Identity Provider Certificates. If you choose not to, the certificate will have to updated by an admin every year, or access to the Team will be interrupted.

To set this up, copy the Indentity Provider Metadata URL from the Sign-on tab in Okta. On the Teams Authentication settings page, click on the Automatically update certificates periodically checkbox, and paste your Identity Provider Metadata URL from Okta, into the field that appears. Click Save, and you're all set.

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