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Use collections to group together questions within your team and display them in a list for easier viewing. Collections are designed to work alongside tags. While tags tend to identify a broader topic, collections can span multiple topics. For example, you might group all the on-boarding documentation for a particular position into one collection so that all of the questions are easy to find in one place, rather than creating tags for each position.

Create or modify a collection

To create: While viewing your team, visit the Collections section in the left sidebar and then click on Create new collection at the top right. You will be presented two boxes to enter a title and description, after which you will be taken to the full editor screen for the collection automatically.

To modify: Visit the collection that you wish to edit and click on Edit collection at the top right. You will be presented the same editor as when the collection was created, allowing you to make any changes.

While editing the collection, you can add new questions to appear inside it using the search box or delete questions from the list below. You can also use the six dots to drag questions up and down to manually order them in the list. All changes to questions are immediate - you only need to click Save at the top when making changes to the title or description.

If the collection is no longer useful, you can also Delete the collection from this page.

Share a collection externally

Visit the collection that you wish to edit and click on Share collection at the top right. A dialog will appear with a link to the collection that can be shared anywhere, both within your team and outside Stack Overflow.

Note: Your personal user ID number for the team is attached to the end of the URL for tracking purposes. It is not required and can be removed from the URL if desired.

Control who can edit

While editing a collection, you can click on Sharing settings at the top right to open a new dialog. These settings allow you to change the owner of the collection as well as specify users and groups that can edit and view the FAQ.

By default, if no other permissions are specified, the collection can be viewed by everyone in your team but edited only by the user who created it.

Search collections

At this time, collections are not searchable. However, the individual questions present in a collection will still appear in search as normal.

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