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⬢ Only Team Admins can utilize the features discussed in this solution.

Admins are a central part of managing your team. In addition to the standard user permissions, admins can:

  • View information on the Team's health and performance with the dashboard.

  • Update billing information and download invoices.

  • Manage user access with invitations and deactivations.

  • Modify settings for integrations such as with Slack.

  • Serve as an authority when contacting us for troubleshooting or issues that need developer assistance.

We strongly recommend that a team assigns at least two admins. This way, if one admin is out of office or otherwise cannot access the team for some reason, a backup exists for any emergency management needs. How many you assign overall will vary by the needs of your team.

To change Admin status of a user, an Admin of the Team can use the left hand navigation to head to 'Settings' -> 'Manage users'. While navigating the list of Active users, the Role segment of the table should contain a drop down to select between a User and an Admin.

Once "Admin" is selected and the confirmation prompt is accepted, the user will be made into an Admin instantly.

There may come a time when you have to remove a user's Admin access that has been previously granted. Whether it was a change in staff positions within the Team, or because time constraints were an issue for the user, or perhaps there was an error when trying to make a different user an Admin, we provide the option to Revoke a user's Admin status. Revoking is done much the same as granting, only selecting the "User" role instead. Once this option is selected, and the confirmation prompt is accepted, the Admin privilege level is removed for that user and they are reverted to a normal User role.

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