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Stack Overflow for Teams can integrate with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise instances. With this integration, GitHub URLs for file blobs, gists, pull requests, and commits will unfurl in Stack Overflow Enterprise questions and answers.

Once you set up the integration, anyone on your Team can use the integration by including a Github link in their question or answer.

Note: In order for link unfurling to work, the link must be on a line by itself. Your GitHub Enterprise instance must also be publicly accessible over the Internet and not behind a VPN or otherwise inaccessible.

Here's what the preview of a pull request on GitHub looks like:

Disable GitHub unfurling Not every GitHub URL will unfurl. The following GitHub URLs will appear as they're typed:

  • GitHub links in markdown

  • GitHub URLs with adjacent text on the same line

  • GitHub URLs inside angle brackets (eg. <https://github.com/orgname/repo/pull/100>)

Backwards compatibility Only new GitHub URLs will be unfurled in Stack Overflow Enterprise. To unfurl a GitHub link in an old question or answer, the question or answer must be edited.

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