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Our integration with Microsoft Teams connects your chat and your internal knowledge base. Stay up-to-date with notifications of new information, search for existing answers, even start your question right from the chat platform.

The integration lets you:

  • Search through your Team's content to find answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Stay up-to-date on your Team's latest answers and information with automated notifications.

  • Share and preview content from your Private Q&A right within your Microsoft Team.

Install the Stack Overflow for Teams App

From the Stack Overflow for Teams app in the MS Teams directory, click the Install button.

You will then be prompted with a card to Log In to your Stack Overflow Team.

Note: If your Stack Overflow Team uses Single Sign-on (SSO) for authentication, the first installation of the MS Teams integration has to be done in a browser, by an admin.

Once you Log in, authorize the integration between MS Teams and Stack Overflow.

On the following screen, add the Team that you want to connect your MS Teams integration.

Once you do so, the Stack Overflow for Teams tab in MS Teams will confirm that you’re signed in, and ready to use the integration.

Search through your Team's questions and answers

To search using the Tab app, type

Search insert what you’re searching for 

To search within your channel, type

@Stack Overflow for Teams search insert what you’re searching for 

followed by your search query. Searching through MS Teams mimics the way search works on Stack Overflow. The tips and tricks you use on the website will help you get the right results, faster, right in your Microsoft Team.

If your search query yields a result, you’ll see the most relevant result appear as a card, as in the example below.

You can View that question, or click Related Posts to see other search results that may be of interest to you.

If there are no matching results, we’ll prompt you to ask the question in your Team to capture the knowledge you’re looking for.

Add Notifications

Setting up notifications of your Team's activity in MS Teams is an essential part of growing and maintaining your knowledge repository. You can add Stack Overflow for Teams notifications to channels and direct messages to keep up with question and answer activity in your Team. Click on the button to create a notification to get things going.

To start, select which types of activity you want to be notified about.

  • Questions: be notified when there's a new question.

  • Answers: be notified when there's a new answer.

  • Accepted answers: be notified when there's a new accepted answer.

  • Edited questions: be notified when a question is edited.

  • Updated answers: be notified when an answer is updated.

  • Comments: be notified when a comment is added.

The last thing we need to know is which tags you want to notified for. The default is All tags, but you can also specify specific sets of tags. For example, if your Design team has a #design channel, you can specify that any Questions tagged with CSS, HTML, design, etc. should trigger a notification in #design. Setting up notifications with specific sets of tags helps keep teams up to date with knowledge relevant to them, and reduces noise.

Once you're done, click Create notification, and you're all set. We encourage you to create as many notifications as needed to keep your Team informed and active in their favored communication tool.

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