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Note: The Stack Overflow bot must be in your channel for notifications to work. If your administrator has not enabled automatic joining of the bot, you'll need to add the bot to the channel using the /invite @Stack Overflow for Teams command.

Setting up notifications of your Team's activity in Slack is an essential part of growing and maintaining your knowledge repository. You can add Teams notifications to Slack channels and direct messages to keep up with question and answer activity in your Team. Click on the button to create a notification to get things going.

To start, select which types of activity you want to be notified about.

  • @mentions: be notified when you are added to the list of users to notify about a question.

  • Questions: be notified when there's a new question.

  • Answers: be notified when there's a new answer.

  • Accepted answers: be notified when there's a new accepted answer.

  • Edited questions: be notified when a question is edited.

  • Updated answers: be notified when an answer is updated.

  • Comments: be notified when a comment is added.

Once you've selected what you want to be notified about, tell us which format you'd like us to deliver the notification in.

  • Full: includes the complete title and body of the question or answer.

  • Short: a short snippet of the question or answer.

  • None: only shows the title of the question or answer.

Then tell us which tags you want to be notified for. The default is All tags, but you can also specify specific sets of tags. For example, if your Design team has a #design channel in Slack, you can specify that any Questions tagged with css, html, design, etc. should trigger a notification in #design. Setting up notifications with specific sets of tags helps keep teams up to date with knowledge relevant to them, and reduces noise.

Lastly, tell us where you want those notifications to appear. Notifications can be sent to public channels and direct messages. Public channels must have the Stack Overflow for Teams bot as a member for notifications to be triggered.

Once you're done, click Add to Slack, and you're all set. We encourage you to create as many notifications as needed to keep your Team informed and active in their favored communication tool.

Private Channel Notifications

To create or edit a private channel notification, it needs to be done in Slack.

  1. Navigate to the private channel in Slack.

  2. Add the Stack bot with the command /invite @Stack Overflow for Teams

  3. Once the bot is added, you can create a notification using the command /stack notify.

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