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Whether your organization is in a physical location or remote, Slack has become one of the main methods through which teams communicate today. From casual conversations, to collaborating back and forth on projects, Slack is where so much happens.

A major part of that communication is teammates asking questions which are often asked and answered repeatedly over time. Once you set up the Stack Overflow for Teams integration with Slack, you'll be able to capture this knowledge by prompting users to ask their question on Teams. When the question is asked and answered on Teams, it becomes a shared resource for your entire organization, and searchable from within Slack the next time the question comes up.

When you see a question asked, that will make a helpful addition to your knowledge repository, hover over the message, and click the ... Actions menu.

From there, find the action Ask on Teams.

That will prompt users in the channel to post the question on Teams instead. A button to ask the question on your Team will appear, allowing you to draft the question within Slack, and send it directly to your Team.

Asking a question from Slack

You can ask a question directly from Slack by using the button that appears after using the "Ask on Teams" action shown above, or by typing

/stack ask

A user is able to input all of the information needed to ask a question within Teams via Slack:

Additionally, a user can use the Ask command + their question to pre-populate the body of the question in Teams.

/stack ask How do I X? 

and ‘How do I X?’ will be added to the body of the question.

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